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Mike Beer (with short hair)

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Graduate students

  • Chin-Fu Liu
  • Ben Strober

Former graduate students

  • Paul Michel (summer MD genomics rotation)
  • Dongwon Lee
  • Kipper Fletez-Brant (Hansen Lab)
  • Mahmoud Ghandi (now at Broad Institute)
  • Rahul Karnik (now at Broad Institute)
  • Jun Kyu Rhee (now at Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Donavan Cheng (now Director of Oncology Bioinformatics and Data Sciences at Illumina)

Current Undergraduates

  • Kendrick Hougen
  • Gianluca Silva Croso
  • Felix Yu
  • Nico Eng
  • Sunny Thodupunuri
  • Amy Xiao
  • Ganesh Avrapalli
  • Zachary Heiman
  • Jin-woo Oh
  • Nole Lin

Former Undergraduates

  • Ashutosh Jindal
  • Kyle Xiong
  • Ben Strober
  • Alessandro Asoni
  • Billy Kang
  • John Lee
  • Andrew Pao
  • Tuo Li
  • Peter Li
  • Juinting Chiang (UNC)